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Hello and Welcome!

How are you? My name is Elisabeth and I am a Psychic, Baby Psychic, Theta Healer, Medium and Medical Intuitive.I am known for my ability to connect with and read for people all over the world and with just a name and photo. I can read your past, present and future with incredible accuracy and detail.I am also a trained Acupuncturist, Herbalist and Theta Healing Practitioner with a Masters in Science. I combine all of these tools to help clients worldwide see life changing results from our sessions together.

Part of my purpose in life and mission through my work is:

1.To guide people towards their best future possible through accurate & informative readings.

2. To heal others physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually through Theta Healing.

3. To support anyone needing help with conception and family planning or infertility.

4. To be a confidant & source of clarity, love and light for anyone needing someone to confide in.

March 2015The connection I have with the people I read for means the world to me and I can truly say this work is my passion. My clients are like family & it is an honor to work with them.I am one of the few Psychics who can give specific full names, dates and step by step descriptions of future events, without any information about you but your name and maybe a photo. The information I pick up about your past as well as your present from our first session is simply impossible for anyone to know without having a strong psychic connection to YOU and this immediately proves my legitimacy.This instant confirmation of my gifts is part of what people love about my readings. If you think about it, a psychic reading generally is someone being paid to answer your questions about your future and relay predictions that will occur after the session is over.How do you know your money was well spent on good reading with a gifted clairvoyant if the entire reading was about the future, which of course has not happened yet? Should you get your hopes ups & trust that this reading was correct? Should you continue getting sessions with someone when you have no real confirmation they are connected to you and reading you accurately?Rather than having to wait days, months or years for predictions about the future to pan out, you have immediate reassurance of the accuracy of my predictions based on the often shocking accuracy of the information I pick up about you and your life that only YOU could know.So, How do I get information about you from simply meeting in an online chat room?I receive information about you through all 4 of the 4 main intuitive gifts. These psychic abilities manifest at different times for different reasons during a session and help me relay a large amount of information accurately even though we probably have never met or even spoken on the phone.These 4 intuitive gifts are:

  • Clairvoyance: Literally meaning,” Clear Seeing.” This is what is meant when people say they “see” visions of the future. It is literally watching or seeing something happen in your mind.
  • Clairaudience : Clairaudience means ‘clear-hearing’. It is the ability to ‘hear’ words, phrases or maybe songs that can be best described as hearing that ‘little voice in your head’ that some of you may be familiar with maybe when making an important decision or warning you against danger.

  • Claircognizance: ‘clear-knowing’. This is how I just “know” things about you without being told and it happens through my higher self or spirit guides downloading information about you into me.

  • Clairsentience: This is the ability to feel and sense what others are feeling physically and emotionally. Those of you who already work with me know how some days I will simply “Know” that you’ve injured your knee because I can feel it too, or I may just “Know” you and your partner just had an argument because I can feel what you are feeling emotionally…I may also “see” and “feel” the argument at the same time.

This combination of using these 4 gifts together is what makes our sessions so unique and powerful

.Types of Readings/ Sessions: Live Readings via Chat or Phone:  My live sessions are the most popular & talked about service. By live I mean in the virtual room or by phone

BFP Readings; BFP stands for “Big Fat Positive” in regards to a positive pregnancy test. These are short readings about future pregnancies/children.

Theta Healing Sessions, Manifestation Sessions,  Mediumship and more:”

Pricing:You must make payment prior to scheduling the session. I never run out of information to relay to you and there is no limit to what can be done in our time together :)Please visit my store to learn about Package Discounts which saves you quite a bit of money.begin our session.

I do usually need at least 24 hours notice or more these days as things have become very busy. Be sure to book  your session in advance! I can move you to the front for a fee.

Methods of Payment:

1. You can use my widgets and scheduling system on this page or under the Store Section.*When using the appointment scheduling system, if you are from another country and dont know what to enter when promoted for a 10 digit phone number or 5 digit zip code, just enter whatever combination of #’s you want. It is not important so don’t think it will prevent you from scheduling a session.

2.You can Send Money directly through Paypal Email address: Elisabethpayments@gmail.com . Then Email me to set up the day and time for your session.

  1. Or you can use any Credit or Debit card using my Square Credit Card Reader. Send me your credit card # with the expiration date, 3 digit security code and your billing zip code. I will run the amount on my credit card reader and you will receive a receipt by email”.And My most popular service: One Hour Reading or Theta Healing Session

  2. I also use Venmo: @elisabeth-smith-4

  3. Bank of America transfer

And My most popular service: One Hour Reading or Theta Healing Session

Please  read the huge amount of testimonials I have here and reviews on Facebook :)Thank you Thank You Thank You

Elisabeth  Contact: Lovelightandinsight@gmail.com or 831-275-5498  Paypal Email: Elisabethpayments@gmail.com

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***Readings are paid for in advance and scheduled as soon as the next day  (or same day in some cases).  There is a no refund policy but no one ever asks for one anyways 🙂
Thank you Thank You Thank you!


Elisabeth Smith


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