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My name is Elisabeth and I am a Psychic ,Medium, Theta Healing Practitioner  ? and   much more more. I am originally from San Diego but grew up all over the world and I now live in Santa Cruz, California.  I have been doing psychic readings for 8 years now and trust me, I never thought I would be doing this and starting in my early 20s was tricky-but this little business, Love, Light and Insight is my pride and joy.  My clients are my pride and joy, we have such a great relationship and have for 8 years and onward. Oh, so are you Miles! My son 🙂

From a young age I knew I was a little “different” then everyone else. I seemed to feel everything more and be very sensitive to my environment and negative energy. I seemed to take it on so much it manifested as severe and chronic health problems that began at age 11.

By age 21 I had been suffering for 10 years from extreme Insomnia, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Depression, Anxiety and more. My lumbar spine had the arthritis of an 80 year old. Why? I felt so much for people but had difficulty expressing it. I had a reservoir of guilt, shame and low self esteem I was literally becoming physically ill. Where did those feelings come from? Why did I begin feeling that way as a child?

While Western Medicine is great for many things especially involving emergencies, it failed me on every front with every ailment I was dealing with.

I became drawn to Eastern Medicine and energy work and began healing myself through those modalities and through my THOUGHTS. Learning the Law of Attraction and it clicking for me was a huge turning point in my life. But the inevitable happened with my Spine. I had Spondyloysis, Spondylolesthesis and arthritis.  I broke my L5 vertebrae and my life was turned upside down, until I found Theta Healing.

I went to my first workshop and the very first day my psychic abilities appeared and in a huge way. I could suddenly “see” a lump in friends breast that sent her to the doctor and turned out to be breast cancer. She says she would have ignored it had I not pointed it out and it saved her life. That same day I also correctly told another friend she would be offered a salary increase of exactly 25,000$. Well it happened the next day. Imagine this, on my first day of learning Theta Healing. I knew I was onto something!

In 2008, just a few months after becoming trained as a Theta Healing Practitioner I had the idea to make a website (this website) to offer free readings and healing long distance just to practice and see what I was capable of. The very next day I was doing free sessions and two days later people were asking to pay me. I kept working with more and more people and hearing of the most amazing results from Theta Healing and the most incredible predictions coming true. I also found I had a knack for predicting pregnancy and helping women get through the sometimes difficult process of trying to conceive.

Since then I have read and worked with over a thousand people and have seen countless babies born, lives changed and predictions I didn’t even think could happen manifest. I have learned SO much in these years make your time with me very unique and life changing. I encourage you to check out my testimonials to know more and read some posts on my home page.

I look forward to working with you & encourage you to email me with any questions at



Elisabeth Smith

For more information on my psychic abilities & readings or to learn about Theta Healing please visit my Live Psychic Readings page and/or FAQ & More about THETA.

For more information on BFP readings or to see what kind of work I do related to fertility and family, please visit the BFP Readings page and/or FAQ & More about THETA page.

You may purchase sessions through my Store or by sending the payment amount via paypal to the email address: This email is for Paypal only.

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Miles had just put a snail in my hair. Thanks buddy!                          

He is an angel, the love of my life....
He is an angel, the love of my life….
Miles had just put a snail in my hair. Thanks buddy!
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