BFP Readings: 17$ by email and completed within 3-4 days

Please purchase through the appointments page (even though its not an appointment its ok I’ll know what to do) or send 20$


Pretty self-explanatory if you know what a BFP is! Big Fat Positive Pregnancy Test!

These are short  readings intended to just give the month you will get your BFP, conceive or deliver the baby you are trying for and the gender of that baby. I also include some extra information about your life & your future for fun.

Remember–information about the future may not make sense now-its about the future.

If you want a deep reading or in depth reading this is not the one for you—all medical isssues, healing, in depth, communication with babies and future kids, etc etc are for live chat sessions which are great.

Example BFP Reading:

“I see you conceiving bla bla bla bla bla -this month could be bla bla bla-gender bla bla bla

she looks like bla bla bla and for some reason I get the name bla bla bla.

I see you speaking to an older woman and get the sentance “I’ll see you next tuesday”-she looks sweet -like maybe shes in a home and not really sick but old enough she needs assistance, Marion comes up-dont know if it makes sense. . I also get the word “communications” and “Masters degree”. This may or may not make sense now-but usually will down the road”

So in this reading–the woman had visited her grandmother, Marion, earlier that day-and planned on seeing her next tuesday. While I was doing the reading she was with her grandmother. She is also pursuing a degree in Communications and the month I predicted was an EDD. I can’t remember how the childs name related-I often get the baby name you had planned–or a name of importance for another reason.

Please do not get this reading if you are looking for a long reading and/or spiritual, medical or any sort of guidance beyond a month and gender.

If you have a medical problem please inform me-as misinformation or lack of information is the biggest reason for a wrong BFP reading. I am a medical intuitive and often pick up problems myself–but dont spend the time or do theta for these so its not guaranteed.

Please do not use a BFP as substitute for the work you need to do to conceive. If you have a health or fertility problem affecting your chances at conceiving, this BFP prediction does not stand in place for treating that problem. I factor in things like this–and what you say your plans are to fix an issue. So if I’m not told about it-its not accurate perhaps. I am a medical intuitive but Its about 75/25 whether your condition will come through in a bfp prediction-and if it does I acknowledge it but dont spend time offering healing or guidance for whatever it is.

So if you have anything affecting your chances, know that my prediction is most likely based on if “all is well” and that you’ve done what you need to do–or, if weve discussed it and you know other conditions that may be part of it-please follow those. I’ve had many women think it will happen even if they are not ovulating or have their tubes tied–this is if things are moving as they should-and you take ACTION.

If you tell me that you are very overweight and need to lose weight to conceive-I’m asking for a time frame thinking you will follow through. This time frame may be valid if you will or wont lost weight-its hard to say, often, if you dont do your part, it wont happen until the next year.

Time frames are tricky with the future–as so much depends on you.

Also-the worst thing to do is obsess and analyze about your month, that will push it away and make it never happen….Why do people conceive when they take a break? Because theyre thoughts (doubts) are not pushing (as doubt does) it away….Sit back, relax, let it go-and if youre doing your part, watch it come true….once again-can be BFP or EDD

I’d say my accuracy rate on these-and this is a time frame given being a bfp, conception or EDD has been around 90%—

Now remember, give readings time to pan out….We simply cannot understand how it will play out for sure until it happens.

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