I get a lot of gut feelings or visions when watching TV or hearing about Pop Culture so I thought I’d keep a list of what I get to see how “on” or “off” I am…..I just started a list a few weeks ago.

October 2011: (Some already came true but its after the fact)

  • I gave Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Kris Humphries 3-6 months max and that indeed panned out. Interesting their marriage lasted 72 days, 7+2=9, the number of endings (and new beginnings.) I did, however, bawl my eyes out watching the wedding special, I am human!
  • I give Khloe a BFP or EDD date of February, most likely BFP and a baby GIRL
  • Kourtney and Scott– I get 7 years, as maybe a maximum. I also get something about a baby girl and an affair. PREGNANCY WITH BABY GIRL ANNOUNCED SHORTLY AFTER MY PREDICTION, BABY BORN SUMMER 2012
  • I do see Kourtney getting married, to someone quite prominent, and not to Scott-due to an affair on his part with a blonde AFFAIR CONFIRMED
  • See Paris Hilton in a neckbrace and get something about cancer in the family, i encourage regular mammograms.
  • Now, PEREZ Hilton, the blogger, I see him falling in love and getting married! I also get a name like Craig or Greg. I see this happening by the beginning of 2013. I can also see adoption in his future. Quite a turn-around for him for the better, I never saw him as a father figure before but sure do now! *** he adopted secretly shortly after this post! 
  • I have some more about celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, etc but I prefer to report on positive things and encourage creating the best future possible so I ‘m going to refrain from some predictions along those lines.
  • I see Rhianna eloping with someone she may already be dating, we won’t find out for a while, then she will have a wedding but more as a celebration with friends and fam, not for the spotlight.


  • Guiliana Rancic:  I know she and Bill have struggled to have a baby and she has a recent cancer diagnosis. I see her prognosis as good and 2 children in her future. I see the first one here by the end of 2012. I think they will begin the process of adoption from a foreign country and end up with the first child through adoption or surrogacy. I think they will conceive one of their own as well when they lease expect it. I wish them both the best. CONFIRMED SRRING/SUMMER 2012
  • I also keep getting something about Martin probably Steve Martin-maybe there will be some sort of announcement soon
  • Britney Spears:  I think this relationship with her manager will last quite a while and I also see a baby girl within 3 years. I see a lot of good things for Britney 🙂 Think they’ll marry soon quietly. ENGAGEMENT CONFIRMED SPRING 2012
  • Lindsay Lohan & Playboy- I see this career move completely backfiring and being a bad move not only for Lindsay but for Playboy. We’ve all already seen it and are over it. I don’t see good things for Playboy as a whole company wise. ***well this sold well, surprised at how many people wanted to see her breasts…again
  • Kelly Rowland “accidentally” said today in  an interview that Beyonce is having a baby girl. I am surprised, my feeling was and still is boy. Either I’m wrong (no one is 100%), or they are purposely throwing people off….. ***Naming their baby girl “Blue” would explain why I kept seeing Blue related to baby….


  • I see Patti Stanger from Millionaire Matchmaker finding love with a younger guy by the beginning of the next season. I do at some point see her adopting children. Specifically June 2012-CONFIRMED JUNE 2012
  • I see a hidden pregnancy scandal with Ryan Seacrest and Julianne H but dont think it will lead to a birth
  • I see Ricki Lake getting her own show again and i dont know her love status but see marriage? confirmed
  • Medical problems for George W Bush involving heart valves and lungs
  • Coco and Ice T conceiving, ..ohh and a feeling about multiples, twins maybe. And ICE freaking out!
  • I see Nicki Minaj entering a treatment facility for emotional/personal/maybe drug related issues
    • Ok i had a request for some qBrad and Angelina predictions so here goes:  To be honest I think Angelina is addicted to drugs. I think Brad puts up with it…..i think they genuinely love eachother but her consistent (opiates I think) use is strain but also is just normal for them.
    • I think Brad Pitt and Angelina will last a long time but not longer than 12-15 years what has it been, 7? I think she will leave him and I see a gradual mental breakdown.
    • I see her in isolation, all the time….its very sad. Like shes by herself in this gorgeous room but just overcome by her demons. Brad heads out and does his own thing at times and just puts up with it.
    • I think most appearances are merely a show, I think behind closed doors Angie is very depressed and isolates herself and nannies and Brad often watch the kids. I heard a rumor about a lesbian relationship with Lady Gaga and I think this is true and happened more than once.
    • I predict Nicole Whats her face (sorry not a fan and cant ever remember last name) will not be back on X Factor
    • I think Lindsay Lohan will have a drug overdose by summer (ambulance called to hotel room june 2012. i get she thought she had overdosed but was ok in the end)
  • I see major drama for Arnold Schwarzenagger & possibly another love child or affair coming out
  • I see Anderson Cooper finally coming out of the closet in a serious article with a reputable magazine *CONFIRMED JUNE/JULY 2012
  • Remember the Hogans? Rehab for the mom *yep! Happened.
  • I see Christina Aguilara having a major public meltdown and sort of “losing it” this year; YEP
  • I think Ozzy Osborne will have a sad announcement or there will be an announcement regarding the health of one of the Osbornes(if you see this in time lets do some Theta!) JACK OSBORNE ANNOUNCES HE HAS MS JULY 2012
  • I had seen Khloe K with a bfp or conception month of Feb, well see if that pans out *CANCELLED stopped trying due to Lamar’s behavoir
  • I freakin love Bruce Jenner but think Kris has sort of lost it…I see him leaving the family home for a period of time because he cant handle her famewhoring ways. Confirmed!
  • I see kayne west in a motorcyle accident. so, wear a helmet! Prob by july….CONFIRMED
  • I see the owner of the Dallas Mavericks being in some sort of Cocaine scandal-SCANDAL
  • I think Jennifer Anisten will marry…..and have a typical hollywood length marriage…..and a divorce. Hes using her for fame….did anyone know who he was before? whats is his  name again? exactly…..

More later…….


JUNE 2012!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok I am FINALLY updating my predictions again!

  • So my last prediction for Khloe K was that she would get pregnant and have an EDD possinly of Feb. Current reports say she is undergoing IVF now which could point to that due date. I’m now now also seeing the possibility of twins-boy girl!

*I see a third marriage for kim K-and a third divorce within the next 2 years. Third marriage yes! To Kanye. And I give them a little longer maybe 5 years.

  • Trouble in Paradise for bruce and kris jenner: I predicted this last time but I think this relationship is seriously cracked largely now due to Kris’s narcissism and behind close doors a breaking point is near CONFIRMED JUNE 2012

Not only did Kris cheat on Robert Kardashian Sr, I think she has cheated on Bruce too….

*Unfortunately, Im not so sure Britney will finish this season of x-factor and if she does it will be her last  CONFIRMED

*I think Rhianna is battling addiction & dangerous sexual behavior. I think she will be in treatment for “exhuastion” by the end of the year

  • I said months ago I think Lindsay Lohan will have an overdose by or around the beginning of summer. She recently crashed into a car and booze/drugs were found in the car.

    A week later paramedics were called to her hotel room but later left. I think she was afraid shed over done it.

Sadly, I think she has moved onto another addiction & one of the worst–Crystal Meth

*I see Sarah Palin divorcing her husband Todd-CONFIRMED, FILED

  • Sylvestor Stallone undergoing some sort of bypass surgery

*Sadly, I see trouble in paradise for Nicole Ritchie and Joel Madden. i like them together and hope they work it out maybe after a brief and private seperation

*I see Christina Aguilara entering a treatment center

  • My earlier predictions about Guiliana and Bill Rancic having possibly two children on the way was confirmed. I see everything turning around for her after a very difficult few years

*I’m afraid I think Whitney Houstons family is indeed exploiting her death and I see letting daughter Bobbi have her own show leading to a very sad breakdown & downward spiral for her. I see illness for Cissy. BOTH CONFIRMED. Sadly, Bobbis spiral led to her death


*I think I mentioned something in an earlier prediction about the health of a member of the Hilton clan–sadly now I am getting a brain tumor

*Though Simon Cowell is very very successful and known for good business decisions, I see his stock sliding this year and him finding himself on the losing side of things

*I think the doping allegations against Lance Armstrong are TRUE but the extent of his doping is being highly exaggerated-CONFIRMED

*This isn’t clear to me yet but I’m getting something about the rapper Soulja Boy and a health condition possibly involving his heart

*I hope I’m wrong about this, but I get that Matthew McConaughey is cheating on or will soon be cheating on Camilla…though it may take some time to become public!

*I’m getting something about Dr. Drew Pinsky and divorce

  • i’m getting Jennifer Aniston has developed a new addiction or an existing one has worsened quite a bit with her bf somehow contributing, I think it may be a combination of cocaine, painkillers and alcohol

*Like I’ve said, I see Rhianna engaging in some seriously dangerous personal behavior possibly sexual or deviant and I hope she takes care of herself

*I see Mike “the Situation” entering treatment for addiction again and actually get it will take 3 attempts in the next couple years

  • I see J WOW getting married somewhat impulsively…and divorced soon after. Updated-may not make it to marriage but baby. * Baby confirmed, I do not see this lasting though maybe they will still be together a while.

*I’m getting Mitt Romney is involved in illegal betting or some sort of illegal financial operation but it won’t come out for some time, but when it does it will be explosive

*I see Laura Bush filing for divorce by spring 2013 ( she wants to but she CANT)



CELEBRITY PREDICTIONS: JULY 2015–Rough Draft. More to come. 

Yes it took forever! I stopped doing my celebrity predictions for a while because for whatever reason I just became very tired of Celebrities and Hollywood, Pop Culture.  So much BS, smoke and mirrors….Even if some predictions never became public, it doesn’t mean they didn’t happen behind closed doors. We hear so many lies and excuses for their behavior being lied to is annoying.


*Okay, so in 2012 I predicted a pregnancy for these two (see above) and ICE AND COCO ARE PREGNANT! I see a huge possibility of twins (I think fertility treatments were used regardless of what they say) and the predominant energy is GIRL

*Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner–YES he definitely cheated with the nanny and screw that! She was pregnant most of the marriage with his children then he begins an affair with the person helping raise those children. Note to Garner and other women-dont hire hot nannies!  And, for all women to remember, the most beautiful and successful women in the world are cheated on too! It isn’t just you and it doesn’t mean you aren’t pretty enough or good enough. Halle Berry, Jennifer Garner, on and on have all been cheated on.

*I see Jennifer Garner finding love again, real love, pretty soon. He seems like he may not be as “actorish” and more behind the scenes or in business.


*Bruce Jenner to Caitlynn Jenner- You know, in 2013 I posted something on Facebook calling Bruce a “woman.” I knew he cross dressed and something was up, but I don’t think ANYONE could have predicted a transformation this huge. It is groundbreaking and amazing for someone admired for the once greatest male athlete to confess he has spent his life living as the “wrong” gender and I almost feel he channeled that into “running from himself” for the Olympics. He is the perfect role model since he was already a paid motivational speaker.

Here is the thing, Bruce loves love and he loves family. While this transformation has been liberating for him & took a lot of courage, I’m afraid it will also mess with his head too as time goes on.  I think Caitlynn is predominantly attracted to women and will be in female relationships mostly but there may be one male one at some point.  Caitlynn hasnt quite even decided how far she will go in terms of her transformation-in terms of genital surgery.  I think one day he will do it but not now. She has already been married three times as Bruce, I could see Caitlynn wanting to get married as Caitlynn and have the experience of being one of the brides. It may not be legally binding, but I can see him in a 4th and 5th “marriage” type relationship-with women.  I see a “commitment ceremony” and Kim and the girls helping Caitlynn get ready for it.

This is DESTROYING KRIS. On many levels….Not only did she have no clue, now “Bruce” as she knew him does not exist and the person she spent 21 years being the boss of is suddenly “on top.” While many don’t support Caitlynn yet, the response has been overwhelmingly supportive and it is ground breaking. She feels she has been “one upped”, deceived and like she has lost all control of her entire family. This is possibly the worst time in Kris’ life.

In her fame whoring ways, she will change her name to Kardashian even though she was divorced from Robert before he died.  Anyone else would probably use their maiden name.

*I have sadly had sort of a suicide watch for Rob, he has been on the brink. He wants to do it to destroy the image the Kardashians have showed the world & out all the fakery.  It is a form of revenge because he feels so much hatred towards his mother and Kim and towards himself.  “This will show the world who this family really is, they drove me to suicide.” That is the thought process.  He knows if he does something huge like this he will also leave a letter blaming his mother and the show for caring more about money than family. if this happens, much of the public will turn on the Kardashians based off of what he says in the note. I pray pray pray it doesnt happen. Right now he has hanging on by a thread and that thread is his love for Khloe and he does want to live he just doesnt know HOW. Think about it, they were raised on camera. They don’t know how to live a normal life and he has taken on all these belief systems from his older sisters that he has to look good and be thin or he doesnt “deserve” to leave the house or be happy. This is the belief system keeping him stuck.

*Kylie….Kylie Kylie Kylie…..she is in further than she knows. She cannot ever remember not being famous. She is enjoying all the attention from her changing appearance so much that she is considering a “stunt” sort of to really get publicity. It is addicting for them and she wants to be like her older sisters. When we are so young, we download everything we see around us subconsciously and then re-enact it over and over until that program is changed. She only believes in the power of beauty and thinks scandals  help and has no self worth otherwise. Her mother taught her that looks, material items and fame are what matters in life. And she will recreate that in UNHEALTHY ways.

***I predict a pregnancy for Kylie by age 20. She will be a young  single mom for a time then bounce around from relationship to relationship.

***Oh dear, I hope hope hope Lamar makes it to the end of the year. I am worried about his safety and he is a beautiful soul-he is a lightworker misguided. An Indigo Child. He has lost so many people around him recently to addiction (two of his best friends this year), his mother and the rest of his family-and Khloe. Sure he got himself into it, but with his upbringing and belief systems it isn’t surprising he is ending up this way.  He may OD and LIVE and that could be his turnaround.  Right now he doesn’t have the will to live much….

Look at how much things have changed for the Kardashians since the beginning….All the men have had major breakdowns or huge changes. Only Bruce has channeled it into something relevant.

Fame comes with a price and actions have reactions. I’m afraid the price of fame is going to come out in big ways soon-the consequences.

**Scott and Kourtney–DONE.  Really, can they just put a fork in it? This has been so unhealthy for so long. She forced a third baby or tricked him into it just by offering intimacy and sex which he had been deprived of and needed. And boom. It was too much for a relationship already in the dust. They were just together because they had been together for so long and Scott didn’t know how he would do without being part of that family.

The third baby was a breaking point, both parties should be consenting to having children and I strongly see her tricking him into this one ONLY for a third baby. She planned it knowing it was the last thing he wanted because she just cares about what she wants.

And Scott needs help…..we are watching an addict without his own family and treatment flailing in his addiction over and over. But yes, he has to want to change. There is a chance of a brief reconciliation but it is SLIM and they will only break up again.  If he can get help and overcome his addiction I can see Scott actually doing quite well without the Kardashians.

He was emasculated for years, so was Bruce. For now I see hookups and partying and hes right at the point where he can turn a crisis into opportunity of he decides to save himself.

*Kim and Kayne may last longer than I initially thought but I still kind of get a max of 5 years of marriage. He will become so controlling its borderline abusive but she will stay to make him happy and not wanting to have another divorce. Eventually, it will happen. Hey her idol is Elizabeth Taylor and she was married like 8 times right? Her idol is becoming her reality. This is her last child I believe. *yes it is likely her last child as she’s now said she is getting her uterus removed after this one 

  • The Presidency: What a circus the 2016 elections have become! Especially on the Republican side with so many people running including people like Donald Trump? I hope it is Hilary so that could cloud my objectivity in this prediction-but right now it is hers. We still have some time. I keep getting a scandal for Rubio or Cruz-or both.

*I love Gwen Stefani more than anything and she and Gavin are a great couple- but I think he has cheated many times and she often turned a blind eye or even “accepted it” as something that happens in celebrity marriages. SO much temptation. I see them breaking up. I think he also cheated with a nanny of theirs…..Confirmed, the next day!

*I predict Mariah Carey will get engaged quickly to this new rich dude-THIS is her level. For all the wrong reasons though 1. Ha! I win Nick!  Being a billionaire helps a lot 3. Being able to put up with Mariah Carey’s personality helps a lot

New September 3rd

  • Beyoncé & Jay Z: I think Jay Z, who I like, has cheated on Beyonce many times. His power level  and past makes him feel entitled to do whatever he wants and he does some crazy stuff behind her back. She found out about one or more of his events maybe around their tour? And she decided to try to forgive him (he’s begging for forgiveness) and keep the family together and it was a fling-kinda normal in show biz. But she’s struggling and can’t let it go….and is thinking of seperation or divorce but trying to keep the family together

Celebrity Predictions: August 2016


  • Jay Z and Beyonce. They Done for now. They may split up and get back together actually. Shes going to put her foot down and its done but i could also see her forgiving him a little while later. Sort of like Nene and her husband.
  • Speaking of Real Housewives of Atlanta, I’ve been waiting for Cynthia Bailey and Peter to break up for a while. Has it happened yet? I haven’t been very informed on celebs lately! That is why I haven’t done this in a while. i just became so tired of them and their constant scripted responses and Publicist BS they are constantly telling us.
  • Kardashians:   Bruce, I think reality has set in and he is finally starting to mourn Bruce, who he claimed was dead now that he is Caitlyn.  Catelyn is great but so was Bruce, one of them doesnt have to totally end.  Hes beginning to feel confused again now that all the hype and excitement has ended. I’m not saying he doesnt want to be Catlynn but hes finally mourning the end of his old self or seeing it in a different light.
  • Kim and Kayne: Hes so emotionally and mentally abusive/controlling she cant make any decisions for herself and has turned into a walking kayne-coached robot.  She seems sweet but not like she would stand up to Kayne. Can two people with that big of egos last? it works because since shes reality tv and doesnt have a talent other than being hot & having a big family (and sex tape) so she is already seen as the lesser of the two, to both of them at least. But i think shes miserable. Just too embarassed to admit to anyone or the world that her third marriage is going horribly.
  • The only reason shes stayed is because of wanting a second child, she thinks Kayne ups her status and shes too ashamed to admit the failure. But shesa changing and everyone notices, Kayne loves her because shes pretty easy for him to control (I mean come on she did that weird motorcycle music video for him. You gotta know thats bad from moment 1) and shes as self absorbed as him (but not as egotistical) so they are both absorbed with themselves and eachother. They edit photos of themselves together for days. I mean they love themselves and have found a way to love themselves together. ‘I give them 3-5 years max.
  • Khloe: still dating but she keeps going for athletes, notorious cheaters. I can seed both paths that people take and honestly I see her happiest ( and kind of see him) with someone who is maybe slightly famous or works in the industry but isnt a movie star, music star or athlete. Im getting sort of a John Stamos looialike which may sound random but i can see her with this big smile standing with a man similar to him. She will find happiness with a more “normal” or regular guy. She also could get pregnant without trying-but she will be thrilled and willing to do it by herself if she has to.

I’ve just now seen her walking down a beach looking like Hawaii at sunset in a wedding gown I LOVE, beautiful but also simple for the beach with no shoes.

The sky is orangy red and she looks amazing, her hair in the bob with waves. A  simple but elegant ceremony, She has her arms linked with her new husband and one hand is showing the camera her new rings. This is a big announcement I’d say within the next 1-1.5 years. 2 MAYBE.

  • The baby knew better, the baby didnt want lamar. Hed already pretty much abandoned his 3 other kids and he was cheating on Khloe-not the condiitons he wanted to begin in.  Remember, the children often are more in charge than we are.
  • Kourtney: okay so i got some association to the name Phillip and also saw her posijng with a man. I also see her having 1 more child, maybe even 2. But one in the next couple of years.

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