Emotional Weight becomes Physical Weight! 5 Tips for letting it go. 

It seems like everyone wants to lose weight and these days. There is a  huge amount of people who do need weight loss in order to live a fulfilling and healthy life.  We know a lot about the health impact of carrying around extra weight. There isnt much said about how it impacts your family and children. But you know how it impacts your loved ones and it makes you feel even more shame and the spiral continues.   Youre not chasing your child at the park because you can’t, playing with kids is different when youre in shape versus very overweight. Or if you want to stay inside all the tie with no exercise all day chances are your kidsa are too.

And its because  someone  put yourself in an emotional prison. And you thought you deserved to stay there.  A prison you deserve to be freed from and by letting go of the emotions, you let go of so much more.

* *Do you ever feel like you are carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders?
* *Do you feel responsible for everyone else’ happiness? And burdens…
* *Or like the past is still weighing you down, slowing you down?
* *Do you have a sea of guilt you carry with you silently….It weighs you down and make it harder for you to justify doing nice things for yourself-that you deserve!
* *And do you have PTSD or are there any secrets you’ve kept to yourself for fear of judgement and being exposed?
* *Does your inner critic beat yourself up about your body and weight 24/7?
* And when you lose, you gain it right back? In a month or a year but alway? And more?
* *Do you blame yourself for every little thing that goes wrong?
* *Do you have trouble losing weight even if you follow whatever program or diet you are trying? Or you gain it right back?
* Have you been diagnosed with Polcystic Ovarian Syndrome?
* Did your mother use guilt as a means of punishment? Did she diet often or comment on her and/ your body.

If you answered yes to two or more of these questions then weight loss issues may be more related to your emotions and past rather than what you eat. Releasing toxic emotions like guilt, learning a new way to think about yourself, downloading your energy with unconditional love and teaching your body to feel free are often more important than any diet plan. Stop holding onto the past or negative emotions , because you May be wearing it. Emotional weight becomes physical weight! The emotional pain has no outlet and becomes physical. Our fat cells hear our minds when we think or say “my thighs are huge” or “I can’t lose weight.” It says “yes ma’m” and keeps weight in your thighs or makes it harder to lose Weight.!
A tumor is a mass of emotion that had no way to leave the body. Our thoughts and feelings influence our bodies in a million more ways than previously realized. For example , we shed tears when we think something sad or feel sad. That’s the body expressing our thoughts and emotons.
Our heart races and adrenaline is released when we are scared. We May sweat. The Body reacting to mind.
In the same mechanism, the emotion GUILT is one of the heaviest emotions we can feel.
Walking around with guilt can feel like a ton of bricks and can translate into problems losing weight or keeping it off.
Beating yourself up still over something you did in the past leads to self sabotage, conscious or unconscious and we often punish ourselves through creating a barrier between us and the world- in our weight.
And our thoughts about our bodies literally create our bodies and even our metabolisms! I told everyone I had the slowest metabolism of all time for I don’t know how many years. 10-15? And my body acted accordingly and I could gain weight on 500 calories a day. I be and even angrier with my body and I body shamed myself obsessively 24/7. It took up the majority of my thoughts from age 10-25.
Once I released toxic emotions, body shame and reprogrammed what I believed about my body, my body also acted accordingly. And I’ve maintained a size 2 the last few years eating whatever I want, specifically , cake as often as possible (I missed out on a lot of treats beginning extreme dieting at 10) . It’s my Thing. I mean, a few times a week. But as someone who spent 6 years nonstop on Atkins (and still wasn’t the size I wanted and bigger than my friends) , cake is AWESOME. It’s really not, but to me it is. I skipped birthday cake at every birthday party from 10 to 25. I’m living on the wild side ??
Theta Healing is great for releasing emotional weight creating physical weight and ridding beliefs going back to early childhood keeping you in the crappy never ending loop of weight loss and weight gain.

Even if you are not ready or able to do work on yourself in this forum, can you do me a favor and fake a few nice thoughts a day?

This is tip #1. Change your thoughts about your body. Notice your mean body thoughts and replace them.  I mean I am the perfect size for me” or “I am thin & healthy.” When body envy settles in just think “ehhh that’s easy, I look even better.”
Every cell is listening, including your fat cells, and it takes whatever you think and say literally.

But here is the best part,  Your body won’t know the difference if it’s true or false and if it’s false it will make it true because your thoughts are the director of the billions of cells that make you.

So tip #2 is  fake it til you make it. Lie to yourself. Whatever, as long as they are nice and positive. 

When you renew your drivers license next time, write the weight you want to be if you feel like it. When I weighed 160 I put 135. Then your identity, literally, says your goal weight.  Who the hell is really going to say “uhhh Ma’m? You look more like 175 then 160.” And if they do,  karmas gonna make sure the IRS audits them or does something nitpicky and invasive.  Im joking.

Every day look in the mirror (or dont) and think of 3 things you love about your body or face. If youre still in a place of body hatred, it can even be things like “My body knew how to grow these wonderful children” or “I love my body because I have two legs that work perfectly. And two arms too.”  “I love my teeth”, “I have great muscle tone when I work out. ” Just start being nice.

Not everyone has two functioning legs that. Be grateful . When I went blind I realized how lucky I was eventually to be able to see out of ONE eye, and I am still so grateful to see at all!

3. Forgive someone every day.  Including yourself.

Carrying around that grudge is carrying around weight and negative emotions and its only hurting you. You don’t have to like them, or believe what they did is okay. You just have to consciously decide to forgive them.

Youre human, humans make mistakes. If you were perfect, no one would like you (im kidding. kind of)   because perfection is boring, annoying and unattainable. Our mistakes and trials and tribulations make us US, and make for great guidance or funny stories later. No ones grandma sits and  tells them about that time they drove to work perfectly. They talk about the time they crashed their car into a pole because they were too busy doing their makeup in the mirror to notice the pole.

Would you want to be best friends with somebody “perfect”? Doubtful. Its not relatable.

4. Leave the Past in the Past. Dont involve yourself in other peoples drama. 

Unless you want to keep carrying it with you. One way is to write down past issues or experiences still plaguing you on seperate peices of paper and burning them. This is a literal and symbolic way of erasing painful stuff.

5. Make a list of your health/body goals and write it in the present tense. 

Read it every day, visualize  how youll look,  feel how great youll feel and visualize things like your metabolism rising (I imagine a thermometer  gauge going up and up for metabolism) and eventually, you will get there.  Include anything and everything .Deciding puts it into motion, you are also faking it til you make it AND manifesting all at the same time.

So many clients have had such a great response to Theta healing for weight loss but these tips are things you can do on your own and will help. The most important benefits of course are how much releasing weight affects your overall health, but it also feels amazing to feel good about how you look.
To feel sexy . To go shopping & have fun trying on clothes. And to walk around without all that emotional weighing your bright spirit down.

I personally love being able to slide down slides at the playground with Miles and run and have clients tell me their lives with their kids are so different. There’s no need to Hold onto the past anymore, you deserve to be happy.

We usually need two to three sessions for weight loss. I just added a two session package temporarily (saves 10$) for anyone whose ready to let go and start losing.

Your body does too many amazing things like growing humans and fighting dangerous infections for you to spend your life hating it.
The victory pose


The victory pose
The victory pose

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5 Weight Loss Tips You’ve Never Heard Before
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