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Spring Sale!  Get your cheat sheet for life

Hello my loves!

How are you? I am having a Spring Special to rejuvenate those in need of guidance, answers, and healing and to get you ready for summer and for life in general. You can take 15% off of one hour sessions (12$ off)  and 5$ off 30-minute sessions. Packages are a great deal, they are 17$ off. This special is effective now Monday. My readings really are a cheat sheet for life. I give you the names, dates, places and visions that piece together your future. Clients have known which job to apply for because I gave them a name that ends up being the company or know which house to put an offer on because I told them who was selling it. There are tons of examples but a reading with me is more than just something entertaining, my readings help you with major life situations.
I am also having a contest for a free 30-minute session. What you need to do is write 5 positive affirmations about yourself and email them to me or post them on my Facebook Page I may do a contest for two sessions depending on how many people send affirmations. Writing out a few affirmations about yourself is a good idea for everybody to do. More on that below!
two of the most important words to come out of your mouth…..
One Hour Session

30 Minute Session


I hope 2017 is treating you well! I know 2016 was rough for many of you. I experienced some difficulties as well. This year I am all about self-love and focusing on my thoughts and I was hoping you could join me. Our thoughts are so important, thoughts create our vibration or frequency that we radiate on a daily basis. Our vibration is the magnet that attracts the events, people, and situations that we find ourselves with throughout our lives. Your inner voice is always being reflected in your external reality.

So think for a minute, what does that voice sound like? Are you mean to yourself? Negative? The vibration of those thoughts influences how the world and other people react to you and more. This is why I asked you to write affirmations about yourself. Writing affirmations is a really great thing to do. Most of us have never done that and knowing some positive statements about ourselves is really important! Simply reciting these positive statements in your head will change how you feel and change how the world reacts to you. Thinking positive statements about yourself actually, changes your chemical makeup and hormones. So does negative thinking…..So have some statements ready to replace that negative voice. Even just “I am happy” or “I am strong” is good/ You can change your reality with your thoughts alone! You know that weird coincidence that happened last week or month? That wasnt a coincidence, that was the law of attraction and the universe reacting to your thoughts. Make positive coincidences happen, make money, make love, make beauty, make a happier you!.

Lots of Love,

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Spring Sale, Contest & LOVE yourself <3
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