Healing Baby Healing Ourselves

“Sending love to the baby in the womb” is one of the most powerful healings I’ve ever seen.

It can be done currently or retrospectively. For example, I was recently hypnotized and healed of some extreme sadness that while hypnotized I knew began at 7 months in utero. Suddenly i was there, My mom was complaining about me to a friend and how the pregnancy was ruining her trip (3-year long trip) in Tunisia. I was sad after that, I took it personally. And i was a colicky, not so happy baby.

I’ve done this on thousands of women over 9 years & I’ve seen DNA problems or chromosomal problems just disappear among other things.
I will only do this for women over 12 weeks. Not because I really think something bad would happen, but that is babies space I am entering. It is a fragile time and Some babies won’t even let me in! They kick me out they sure are territorial and i like to give them their space the first few months.

I had an incredibly stressful pregnancy & i have no doubt this saved my son. I think I cried seriously every single day because of some events with my mother and family. They disowned me for having a baby (I was 25 and engaged) and it broke my hearT. I’m an only child and my parents approval meant everything to me. Suddenly they were just gone…my fiance was unemployed & had a drug issue & I was s supporting a soon to be family of 3 and two kitties in San Diego with my student loans & readings (I had JUST begun so I wasn’t doing many.)

So, I did this exercise when I was pregnant with Miles my now 7 year old son every single day because I didn’t want him to absorb my depression. I knew he heard the fights and yelling between me and my mother and many of them were about how I shouldn’t have him & me defending my right to choose. I know he heard it, we all absorb everything from when we were fetus’ including emotions. Once suddenly not only did I not have parents, but my extended family turned their backs on me as well-I cried and bawled like a baby every day. I was so stressed out getting my masters & my fiance and i were fighting too.
I didn’t want Miles to EVER feel that and hear he’s unwanted by someone and vibrate the emotions I was feeling so strongly.

I was in the lowest state ever, I had no friends with kids or who were pregnant. They were still in party mode, as my fiance was and then my mom became downright abusive. I was also recovering from breaking my back and major back surgery when i got pregnant & in tremendous pain. I thought for sure Miles would be affected!
I was so depressed, I even wanted to die at times.

I’d just learned Theta Healing So I did this every day hoping to erase the negative energy he experienced and my constant sadness. I surrounded him with unconditional love every single day. The purest energy there is…the energy that heals & the energy that behind everything loving.

I had known babies who very temperamental or somewhat temperamental & heard all the scary stories about crying nonstop and how difficult babies were. I had no experience, though, when I gave birth at 25 I hadn’t held a baby in 10 years!.

Well I won the happiest healthiest baby lottery. At a month old he would go 4-5 days without even crying. He smiled when he woke up. He smiled ALL THE TIME. I began calling Miles “Smiles.”
. He came out the happiest child I’ve ever seen in my life and I was so lucky-not just happy but healthy too.We were told of several upsetting outcomes involving the fusion of his hesd and I also was unknowingly leaking amniotic fluid towards the end. The cord was around his neck the entire 44 hours I was in delivery, 3 weeks early and he was fine. He was so tough and so healthy.
What baby doesnt cry? he was always smiling even if he fell and bumped his head!

His name changed from Miles to Smiles. He was amazing with everything, nothing bothered him I could take him anywhere and he was still happy. I couldn’t afford child care so lI would even bring him to class (grad school) with me because he never cried and would sit quietly with me.

He only disrupted class by being cute, not crying.
He has been the easiest child to raise overall because he’s always smiley and happy. He’s also different . He sees things….definitely a rainbow child.

Now he is 7 years old and WOW. Do you know hes has never actually been sick or caught a cold? He’s never had a fever even in preschool and now he is in second grade? He’s had a stuffy nose a couple of times since he was born.

That’s it. I am sooooo lucky! And he’s still smiling 🙂 I love you, Smiley Miley, <3

As mentioned earlier What’s also important is going back to when we were in our mother’s womb. You can go back to that time and surround yourself with unconditional love while in utero. It gets rid of anything toxic that you were surrounded with your conception because it’s with you today.

I did this exercise on a 68-year-old woman yesterday who had a very difficult childhood. Her parents just didn’t care about her and she knew that she was unwanted. Her entire life she felt worthless and her parents never once said “I love you .” She never said she was unwanted. But when I entered her mother’s body I knew she was unwanted.
She gave me permission to do the healing & She instantly felt better than she ever has in her life and she said she feels enlightened and like a new person she loves her self

. Finally!!! At 68, she deserved it.
I was amazed she had such a great response and I think everyone can benefit from this exercise. And so can your children, many who are rainbow children.

The New Wave

There is a new wave of children coming to the earth, I’ve seen them in many of the people who I’ve read for. And their parents know that something is different, there is something special about their child but they don’t know what. You may know your child is special but can’t put your finger on it  They have abilities and seem to feel and see beyond what normal children see. They often have big beautiful eyes. These are the new age children, the rainbow children.They are coming in in full force and I’m going to share some info on it shortly from a book, so you know how to best care for your new Age beautiful children.

Just message or email me to find out about having this done. 🙂 Lovelightandinsight.com and lovelightandinsight@gmail.com.

Cheers to Happiness <3


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'Look at those eyes. The new children often have amazing eyes'
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Healing Baby, Healing Ourselves
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