A new year is like a clean slate we can add to with new dreams, things & even behaviors. It is also the best time to get a psychic reading. My readings are so specific & accurate it’s like getting a cheat sheet (literally, you can print it out) to guide you to your best future. I give names, dates & all kinds of detailed descriptions and encourage you to read testimonials & reviews. I have all 5 star reviews & was ranked in the top 5 Psychic Mediums in the Bay Area by Linkedin for 2016. 🙂

AND With 10% Off for New Years NOW is the best time to get one ???

Its especially a great deal for packages, it takes quite a chunk of money off so you can buy a package and see major life changes. Any package can be a mix of readings and Theta Healing (for weight loss, depression, anxiety, pain, grief, infertility) and any hour session can be used for Theta Healing.

This is my last New Years special and my prices will be going up slightly soon.

*Applies to in depth sessions

One more announcement, I’m adding an option for BFP readings for people who need or want to find out if they are pregnant right away or just want it fast. I’m offering expedited BFP readings for 7$ more. So 25$ instead of 18$ gets it to you within 24 to 48 hours.


Lots of Love,



Final Special on Psychic Readings (for New Years)
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