***One Hour Live Session: Most Popular Service & recommended by clients



One Hour Psychic Reading:

A one hour live session with me is by far the most popular service I have ever offered! You won’t be the same once the hour is over, you will be smiling & excited for your future! Or you’ll be speechless & wondering how the hell I just did that.  If you read my reviews and testimonials, they all say “Go with an hour session.”

Either way, the one hour session is the “Game Changer” when it comes to your life.

AND, they have recently been discounted from 99$ to 85$ for a limited time. How can you put a price on what we’ve accomplished in these hour sessions? When a tumor disappears or an infertile couple is pregnant from a session- its priceless. But I wanted to reach MORE people and I understand 99 each time is difficult or many. I want to reach the masses. We can do all of these things and more with a one hour session:

  • A very in depth psychic reading about your future
  •  Theta Healing Session
  • Manifestation Session
  • Healing of DNA, Genes and Reverse Aging (Theta Session)
  • Weight Loss Session
  • Connect with loved ones who have passed
  • Open your psychic abilities and intuition! My gift took off the first day of the first theta workshop and here I am 8 years later!

I have all 5 star reviews for my hour sessions 🙂 Well actually for everything.

Heal from the past, understand the present and learn about the future, We can do just that in the hour session!! 


***One Hour Live Session: Most Popular Service & recommended by clients


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