Please browse my services with detailed descriptions for. Note: my one hour session and the option below are my most popular services. We can use a one hour session for ANYTHING.

I also have my scheduling system below and in more places to make it easier to figure out .

Click to schedule Theta Healing for: Opening Your Psychic Centers, Manifesting, Weightloss for 2 hours with Elisabeth Smith
This is two separate appointments for 155 (15$ off)

Click to schedule One Hour Session: Psychic Reading, Theta Healing, Connect with Loved Ones, Manifestation Session, etc for 60 minutes with Elisabeth Smith


Click to schedule 30 minute session for 30 minutes with Elisabeth Smith ( good for a few questions/topics in detail)

Every Theta Session Includes healing your chakras
Every Theta Session Includes healing your chakras among many other things <3


3 3 3Session Package-saves $ for 3 X 60 minutes with Elisabeth Smith

Happiness isn’t selfish and shouldn’t be an option, it should be a given.   To feel good is your birthright. A happy person means a happier family  & happier friends. We raise happier children- And as we know, positive energy spreads like wildfire.  You’ll attract more happiness as you vibrate more happiness out towards everyone else. Taking care of yourself helps everyone around you. It is the opposite of being selfish. 

Me/Elisabeth Smith

booking system – by BookFresh
 I am known for my Psychic Readings, Theta Healings & BFP readings

Live Psychic Readings are usually done in a private chat room but can also be done by phone.

Live readings through via chat remain the most popular and favorite way to do sessions. Readings through chat room are just as accurate as any other way and you can save your session when you are done for further reference. I also do sessions by phone if requested or preferred.

For Theta sessions, we must have at least an hour and it must be live.


I have a 90% accuracy rate in and over 90% return rate. My readings are near and dear to my clients as my clients mean the world to me. I’ve been reading for the same people plus new clients over the last eight years and this is  I have a 90% accuracy rate in and over 90% return rate. My readings are near and dear to my clients as my clients mean the world to me. I’ve been reading for the same people plus new clients over the last eight years and this truly means the world to me.

Here is how it works:


readings are generally in 30 and 60 minute increments. Most people end up wanting another 30 minutes so I recommend buying an hour ahead of time-and it is cheaper to do it that way.
Time FLIES! You get a lot answered in 30 minutes-but it goes fast
Anyone who has gotten a reading strongly suggests an hour because not only do I answer your questions and concerns, but I read things about you on my own without being prompted.
You may increase the amount of time you want before the reading starts by paying the difference in what you bought versus what you want now. You are rewarded for planning ahead and starting with an hour as it affects my schedule too.
Doing your live reading:

Its simple-all you have to do is check your email around the time scheduled. Dont worry if its a few minuites past-but do email me if 10 or more minutes passes as there may have been a shceduling error.

You will receive an email from me with the link to the chat room. Open it, follow the instructions and I will be there waiting.

Most of my clients will agree that live readings overall are much better than email readings because it allows for a much deeper connection, more topics of conversation and more detailed visions.


Pricing overall has also been adjusted slightly to reflect the current conditions of the economy.Regular clients know that if you ever need me but do not have all the funds immediately, payment arrangements can be made.


I am more available, efficient and flexible than ever in terms of scheduling & response times. Some medical & family emergencies that came up in 2010 then briefly again in August forced me to take some time off and led to some inconsistency in my availability & response time.

When you select a time and date using my scheduling system it is a REQUEST, it does not mean that spot is guaranteed. But I am almost ALWAYS available within a couple days of purchase.

I’ve noticed the last couple months I’ve been completing almost all readings & healings of any kind within 72 hours or so of purchase when asked to. Of course, the date & time of our session depends on your availability as well, but I wanted to announce that my current schedule is much more flexible, efficient & conducive to being there for you whenever you need me.

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