Top 3 Reasons for “UNEXPLAINED INFERTILITY”You Wont Hear in the Doctors Office:

Know that your children choose you, and they’ve chosen when they are coming,  how and newsiwhere.  Often they are the ones in charge here. Not you, understanding that will help you in this journey that isn’t always as easy as we expect.

1. Its not time for you to become a parent/become a parent again because you have other things to do, your other children need your attention or for a million other reasons. We come to this earth with a plan and a purpose, with specific experiences we need to have to fulfill our expansion. Do we understand that plan NOW? Rarely. Especially when we have desires that should be easy to achieve, are easy for everyone around us and we follow the instructions to achieve these desires and NADA. But perhaps pregnancy and parenting at that time would get in the way of another life plan or purpose that needs to happen first. This is something we can discover often during a session, your purpose & plan here during this lifetime.

Trust me, one day you will look back with your baby in your arms and think “I see why I didn’t get pregnant when I wanted to.”

Oh and do not take on the term “Infertility” because you are not infertile. You just are not pregnant yet. I hate it that Doctors call it that. Full of statistics and terms that mean nothing other than “I don’t know what is going on” but make you feel like you are less than someone else or have a disease.

2.. Virtues: A major Part of this lifetime is learning virtues. We go through certain experiences to learn this or that and our consciousness & souls expand. TTC can be a trying, difficult and nightmare scenario for anyone especially for control freaks or Type A personalities. When you are doing everything right & I mean you literally are doing EVERYTHING right yet not seeing what you spent most of your life PREVENTING is just too much to bear. And all we can do is be patient, which is a major virtue learned in this process, Patience. Patience an obvious one here and it isn’t something many are used to these days. Everything is instant, anything is achievable if you follow step A, B then C. But with TTC, there is this “unknown” you cannot control and you cannot always speed up.

It sucks. Boy does it suck but it doesn’t always suck. Realizing not only are you unable to control the entire process, but that you’ve let the process begin controlling you is important.

And reaching a point where you realize you cannot control everything and becoming OKAY with that fact will propel you light years of ahead of the person you were before this journey.

Some other virtues learned are compassion, courage, diligence, cooperation,unity & more.

You know how they say it happens once you stop trying or really caring? Because that is when you’ve finally expressed to the universe that you understand and are now okay with not being in control of everything and these qualities are needed for you to move on to the next chapter in your life.
For you to become the person you were meant to be. For you to Enjoy life!

The reasons or virtues people experience are specific to everyone. But tied to this also is how freaking much you will adore and appreciate every second of your pregnancy and every second of your child’s every move-whereas had you conceived instantly and it was easy, you may have taken some parts of the process for granted.

Everyone goes through a period in their life where things fall apart. Things have to fall apart for new structures that better suit  you to be built.  Or maybe we don’t get what  we wanted more than anything (or think we want) &  nothing goes as planned (when does life go according to plan?) It feels like life is just shit.  Before you decide that actually is the case (life being shit)  remember, you cant see the big picture because youre in the big picture.  Extended & more severe periods like this are often called “the dark night of the soul” and are often felt by healers or those whose souls really are craving some big expansion.  It sucks.

 Its unfair, its draining, its depressing but the expansion it creates within us once we walk through that fire is priceless.
We develop gratitude, understanding, strength and compassion (all virtus that serve us) that we wouldn’t have otherwise.

This is not to say you deserve for it to take longer or anything like that, this isnt about deserving. It is about each of our individual process and no one’s is identical to another. But living a life where you don’t worry so much about tomorrow let alone next week & don’t mind waiting for things that you want is so much more enjoyable than the other way around.

You can begin working on letting go of control now understanding this concept, first of all, and that who knows-maybe your child is a free spirit and doesn’t want to be micromanaged. Maybe you need to let go of unhealthy tendencies. Maybe parenting would have stressed you out too much and deep down you don’t really want to be a parent yet. Maybe your partner is pressuring you into one more baby when you really don’t feel up to it!

We can’t know all of it, but this is some of it. And those arent the only lessons or virtues, there is a whole list i will post.

3. TOP REASON: Your future child just doesn’t want to be born yet.
Know those couples who try everything for 10 years and nothing-then boom, it happens? They have an extremely stubborn child with very specific plans!

Timing is everything, these little souls already know more about whats up than we do and some of them have decided the month and year they are born. Some haven’t. Some are more “go with the flow:” types where timing isnt so important.

For your child to experience the life they came here to live, they need everything to be perfect in terms of the conditions they are born into. They need the right distance between siblings, because those relationships are huge in their growth. They need you, their parents to be in the right mind frame or financial state or need to be living in the right area to be surrounded by the right demographic (all examples) to support their growth.

Think of it this way, if Barack Obama’s (just an example) purpose in this lifetime was social change & the expansion of the earths consciousness regarding race & to inspire millions if not billions of people, I’d say timing would have been very important to his incarnation. Now that he wanted to experience this through being the first African American President of the United States, timing was everything .
If he had been born 3 years earlier, it would probably have never happened. The country probably wouldn’t have been ready or the politics would not have aligned-who knows. But we can say for sure had he been born 5 years, 7 years earlier, his plan would not have been fulfilled. And this event gave hope to MILLIONS around the world that they could pursue their dream regardless of their race-which wasn’t the case before him. Whether you like him or not, children all across Africa and the entire world no matter what ethnicity, began believing they had a chance.

So your little one may choose to wait til the time is perfect, as they say timing is everything. It means a wait for you and being diagnosed with “unexplained infertility” which is crap.

We can communicate with baby during any session to get clues into when they will be here why and what their purpose is–even encourage them. Sometimes baby will say “its because you and dad are fighting. I want you to work out your marriage first.” Maybe you’ll go to therapy and this will save your marriage, and baby will be on his way. And you do those things-and it happens. But also, its fun and important in finding out what YOUR purpose is too.

Don’t spend too much time in online forums, comparing yourself to others &/or beating yourself up for not being pregnant.

If you are perfectly healthy but not pregnant, chances are one of these 3 reasons is why.

None of this can take away the pain of “unexplained infertility” which isnt infertility, it is just things not happening based on statistical norms- but you my friend are not just a statistic.

In 8 years of doing readings & healing work with women who are TTC these are the predominant reasons delays happen. But it’s just that-a delay.

Know one day it will all make sense and you will be happy it happened the way it did, because it made you who you are. You will look around at your child(ren) and forget there was a time you ever questioned if they would come at all.



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Top 3 Reasons for “Unexplained Infertility” (You Wont Hear in a Drs Office)
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